A photo of the Beltane Fire Festival - just one of the must-visit Scottish festivals

10 Must-Visit Scottish Festivals

“Edinburgh – Beltane Fire Festival” by _TuVeuxMaPhoto_ is licensed under C.C. by-NC 2.0


From music, books, films and everything in between and beyond, the Scots have reason to celebrate just about everything! For a country with a stigma of bad weather, the Scots will take nothing and make it a good excuse to party – be it the summer weather, cultural events, rock music, jazz music or even comedy. These 10 must-visit Scottish festivals are only some of the highlights of Scotland’s cultural festivals.


Edinburgh Fringe

The annual Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is definitely a must see! With comedians hitting it off at “Set-List” where they are given random topics to improvise with, some of the best laughs are to be had at Edinburgh Fringe. The Edinburgh Fringe is not only for stand-up acts, there are also a range of short films and plays you can go and see. Edinburgh Fringe isn’t just comical but also educational – it’s the perfect mix of a hilarious and pedagogic experience.


Orkney Folk Festival

The Orkney Folk Festival takes place from the 21st until the 24th May and is a brilliant way to dive into Scottish culture with both emerging and established bands performing covers and original folk songs. This is definitely a festival for music junkies looking to extend their expertise and taste in music. With styles from folk artists performing in “onesies” to tartan kilts, the festival has something everyone will want to write home about.


Glasgow Science Festival

There’s a bit of something for everyone at the Glasgow Science festival. The festival is suitable for all ages with exhibits tailored specifically to different age groups. This event certainly brings out the outstanding educational qualities of Glasgow. Running from Thursday 4th June 2015 until Sunday 14th June 2015, this summer festival is sure to bring something new to the festival scene.


Merchant City Festival (Glasgow)

The festival runs between Saturday 25th July and Sunday 2nd August. With everything from a “Family-Zone” to street music and arts right through to gourmet food market stalls, the MCF has something everyone can enjoy. People from travel from all over the world to set up stalls selling anything from jewellery to specialized cuisine. We dare you to try a South African Ostrich Burger or a German Wurst roll! Not keen? Perhaps fudge is a bit more up your street, why not try some of the fudge made in Scotland? One thing is for sure – the Merchant City Festival will not disappoint!


Magners’ Summer Nights

This is definitely the festival for social butterflies. This festival sponsored by the popular cider brewers Magners, hosting a series of live-music gigs. The festival is hosted in both Edinburgh and Glasgow! With music numbers from bands like JAMES, Ben Folds with YMUSIC, Roddy Frame, Glasvegas and The Waterboys, the festival is the perfect opportunity to experience the local musical talent! Running from Aug 6th until Aug 28th there’s plenty of time to book your tickets!


Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival

This outdoor music festival is brought to you by Electric Frog and Pressure. The festival with feature a number of artists from the 29th and 30th May 2015. It will be held at the Riverside museum in Glasgow, perched on the banks of the River Clyde. Featured artists include Ricardo Villalobos, Len Faki, Siriusmodeselektor, Carl Craig and many more.


Beltane Fire Festival

Once a year the Beltane Fire Society present the Beltane Fire Festival. Taking place this year on the 30Th April 15 at Calton Hill in Edinburgh, the festival packs in a serious punch of culture. The festival takes you for a wander around the streets of Edinburgh, joining different groups along the way. Lose yourself in the ambiance of the festival, enjoy the music and the performances of the old-religion’s festival. The festival is a fantastic slice of Scottish history!

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an annual tradition in Scotland – steeped in history it allows the public to truly appreciate our military services – including military bands and performance groups. Running from the 7th August until 29th August 2015, this is where Edinburgh welcomes the world, and at no better place than the grounds of Edinburgh Castle itself!


West-End Festival (Glasgow)

This festival is definitely one of colour and life! The West-End Festival of Glasgow is sparked off with a glamorous and exciting parade running throughout Kelvingrove Park and around the West-End. The festival is free to attend and definitely great for meeting like-minded creatives that you’ll never forget. This festival is worth attending and challenges any other global festival of celebration and colour!


T In The Park

T in the park is possibly one of the most popular Scottish festivals of all time, bringing A-list artists and local indie bands all to one big venue over an entire weekend. Camping out has never been so entertaining as it is with T In The Park. Offering you a bit of the Scottish summer mixed with a fine blend of talent from around the globe in this jam-packed weekend of fun with your friends, T in the Park is a once in a lifetime experience! Tickets are on sale for only £194.00 for the whole weekend! The festival will be hosted from July 10th until July 12th 2015. This is definitely a Scottish Festival you must see!


Attending Must-Visit Scottish Festivals

In a country as rich and culturally diverse as Scotland it’s hard to narrow down just ten must-visit Scottish festivals! Why not make your trip an event and visit other accompanying areas such as Inverness via Route 500 or pop into some of Edinburgh’s many brilliant museums?