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A Brief History of Inverness

Inverness is a bustling city rich in both culture and history. However, as the capital of the Scottish Highlands, the city has been witness to much bloodshed and drama. With Inverness becoming a major destination on everybody’s travel bucket list we’ve compiled a brief history of Inverness to help prepare you for a trip away to the Highlands.


The Middle Ages


Since the Middle Ages, Inverness as a city has remained relatively unchanged. In the 12th Century, King David I recognised Inverness as a royal burgh. The city was fast becoming a busy port and town. Traders of fish, furs, wool and timber headed to the city to set up in Inverness. During this period, the castle was built in addition to the bridge over the River Ness. The Middle Ages brought an element of darkness with it and Inverness was subject to infiltrations from both Scottish Clans and English militaries. The war of Scottish Independence occurred during this time period and Robert the Bruce finally won the control of the castle in the year 1307. Furthermore in 1562, Alexander Gordon – chief of the Gordon Clan – took the Castle of Inverness from Mary Queen of Scots for a total of three days. Two other clans came to the rescue of Queen Mary and finally claimed back the castle, where Mary stayed for a period of only four nights.

The 17th Century and 18th Century


In the year 1652 English military leader, Oliver Cromwell, began building a stronghold on the right hand side of the river bank in Inverness. However, this construction was to be in vein and was destroyed with the restoration of King Charles II. Though in 1745, Inverness Castle was inhabited once more by Bonnie Prince Charlie and his followers. Fearing that the castle would fall under control of the British Government the rebellion ordered for the building to be destroyed. They were conquered at Culloden.

19th Century and present day

The Caledonian Canal built by Thomas Telford brought the required transport links to Inverness, connecting it with the rest of Scotland. The canal offered a much safer route for merchant ships to travel than prior routes. In the 1850’s when railways were introduced into the Scottish infrastructure also brought more traffic to Inverness, including new trade from tourists. This included businessmen and Aristocratic families, coming often for deer hunting activities and salmon fishing. Queen Victoria is said to have been a very big fan!


The town’s new wealth brought the fortunes to form a building fund, of which monies were allocated to building the infirmary, the cathedral and the town house. There was further work commissioned in 1836 to begin building a second castle (on the same site as the previous castle) and was designed to be more comfort-orientated with the likes of gas utilities and running water. The Ness Bridge, Waterloo Bridge and Infirmary footbridges were also formed in the late 1800’s.


In 1921, Inverness hosted a meeting for the British Cabinet – believed to be the only occurrence of this event outside London. In 2001, Inverness acquired a city status – making the destination one of Scotland’s most recent cities on the map. Though today it is a bustling holiday destination, it still retains many of its original features, oozing an incredible history and plenty of local attractions.


A Brief History of Inverness


Of course, this is all but a brief history of Inverness. In order to truly take in the ambience of the city, a visit in person is best. Why not enjoy your own slice of history and stay at the Kingsmills Hotel – the very hotel that once played host to Rabbie Burns himself! Or head on over to Achnagairn Castle, by Perfect Manors for sublime five-star accommodation!


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A photo of the Beltane Fire Festival - just one of the must-visit Scottish festivals

10 Must-Visit Scottish Festivals

“Edinburgh – Beltane Fire Festival” by _TuVeuxMaPhoto_ is licensed under C.C. by-NC 2.0


From music, books, films and everything in between and beyond, the Scots have reason to celebrate just about everything! For a country with a stigma of bad weather, the Scots will take nothing and make it a good excuse to party – be it the summer weather, cultural events, rock music, jazz music or even comedy. These 10 must-visit Scottish festivals are only some of the highlights of Scotland’s cultural festivals.


Edinburgh Fringe

The annual Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is definitely a must see! With comedians hitting it off at “Set-List” where they are given random topics to improvise with, some of the best laughs are to be had at Edinburgh Fringe. The Edinburgh Fringe is not only for stand-up acts, there are also a range of short films and plays you can go and see. Edinburgh Fringe isn’t just comical but also educational – it’s the perfect mix of a hilarious and pedagogic experience.


Orkney Folk Festival

The Orkney Folk Festival takes place from the 21st until the 24th May and is a brilliant way to dive into Scottish culture with both emerging and established bands performing covers and original folk songs. This is definitely a festival for music junkies looking to extend their expertise and taste in music. With styles from folk artists performing in “onesies” to tartan kilts, the festival has something everyone will want to write home about.


Glasgow Science Festival

There’s a bit of something for everyone at the Glasgow Science festival. The festival is suitable for all ages with exhibits tailored specifically to different age groups. This event certainly brings out the outstanding educational qualities of Glasgow. Running from Thursday 4th June 2015 until Sunday 14th June 2015, this summer festival is sure to bring something new to the festival scene.


Merchant City Festival (Glasgow)

The festival runs between Saturday 25th July and Sunday 2nd August. With everything from a “Family-Zone” to street music and arts right through to gourmet food market stalls, the MCF has something everyone can enjoy. People from travel from all over the world to set up stalls selling anything from jewellery to specialized cuisine. We dare you to try a South African Ostrich Burger or a German Wurst roll! Not keen? Perhaps fudge is a bit more up your street, why not try some of the fudge made in Scotland? One thing is for sure – the Merchant City Festival will not disappoint!


Magners’ Summer Nights

This is definitely the festival for social butterflies. This festival sponsored by the popular cider brewers Magners, hosting a series of live-music gigs. The festival is hosted in both Edinburgh and Glasgow! With music numbers from bands like JAMES, Ben Folds with YMUSIC, Roddy Frame, Glasvegas and The Waterboys, the festival is the perfect opportunity to experience the local musical talent! Running from Aug 6th until Aug 28th there’s plenty of time to book your tickets!


Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival

This outdoor music festival is brought to you by Electric Frog and Pressure. The festival with feature a number of artists from the 29th and 30th May 2015. It will be held at the Riverside museum in Glasgow, perched on the banks of the River Clyde. Featured artists include Ricardo Villalobos, Len Faki, Siriusmodeselektor, Carl Craig and many more.


Beltane Fire Festival

Once a year the Beltane Fire Society present the Beltane Fire Festival. Taking place this year on the 30Th April 15 at Calton Hill in Edinburgh, the festival packs in a serious punch of culture. The festival takes you for a wander around the streets of Edinburgh, joining different groups along the way. Lose yourself in the ambiance of the festival, enjoy the music and the performances of the old-religion’s festival. The festival is a fantastic slice of Scottish history!

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an annual tradition in Scotland – steeped in history it allows the public to truly appreciate our military services – including military bands and performance groups. Running from the 7th August until 29th August 2015, this is where Edinburgh welcomes the world, and at no better place than the grounds of Edinburgh Castle itself!


West-End Festival (Glasgow)

This festival is definitely one of colour and life! The West-End Festival of Glasgow is sparked off with a glamorous and exciting parade running throughout Kelvingrove Park and around the West-End. The festival is free to attend and definitely great for meeting like-minded creatives that you’ll never forget. This festival is worth attending and challenges any other global festival of celebration and colour!


T In The Park

T in the park is possibly one of the most popular Scottish festivals of all time, bringing A-list artists and local indie bands all to one big venue over an entire weekend. Camping out has never been so entertaining as it is with T In The Park. Offering you a bit of the Scottish summer mixed with a fine blend of talent from around the globe in this jam-packed weekend of fun with your friends, T in the Park is a once in a lifetime experience! Tickets are on sale for only £194.00 for the whole weekend! The festival will be hosted from July 10th until July 12th 2015. This is definitely a Scottish Festival you must see!


Attending Must-Visit Scottish Festivals

In a country as rich and culturally diverse as Scotland it’s hard to narrow down just ten must-visit Scottish festivals! Why not make your trip an event and visit other accompanying areas such as Inverness via Route 500 or pop into some of Edinburgh’s many brilliant museums?


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A photo of an Orcadian starter meal

5 Orcadian Dishes you have to try

 Orcadian dishes are a niche of their own; this local Scottish cuisine is something spectacular. These 5 Orcadian dishes you have to try are a sure way to tickle your taste buds.


Roast Loin of Highland Wild Venison, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Glazed Heritage Carrots and Port Wine Jus


This spectacular dish is one of a kind; it’s a perfect combination of succulent local game meat, fresh veg and an incredible aged-wine sauce. The beauty of this dish remains throughout the presentation and varies from restaurant to restaurant. The dish is a spectacular piece of art on a plate, with an undeniably great effort being put into the dish.


Pan-seared Lemon and Lime crusted Orkney Salmon with Smoked Pancetta complimented with a Lime and Mint Risotto


This stunning and creative meal is one to be remembered! The freshness of the saltwater fish in this incredible Orcadian dish is unquestionable, the lemon and lime crust brings an extra mouth-watering tang to the dish and the risotto brings that palette fresh yet creamy rich quality to the plate.


Roasted Plum Tomato and Fennel Linguine with a Parmesan Gratin


This is the perfect vegetarian Orcadian dish. If you’re looking for something light but filling then this is definitely what you want; the dish is jam-packed with flavour yet easy to eat without an overwhelming burst. The pasta dish is one of the very best available, the parmesan gratin gives the dish a pasta bake look and really pulls everything together. There is nothing better than sitting down for lunch and having a fresh pasta-bake when you can taste the fresh juices of the plum tomatoes and the slightly salty nip of the parmesan.


Selection of Scottish Orkney Cheeses


Down to desserts now: the Scottish Orkney Cheese selection is perfect for a wind down after a heavy meal. The cheeses vary in strength and age, served with a peppered and apple plum chutney as well as a further selection of Scottish oatcakes and crackers. This dessert platter is perfect for sharing on a romantic meal or even if you’re in a group a few of these are likely to keep a smile on everybody’s face.


Duo of White Chocolate


This is a perfect blend of white chocolate in a white chocolate mousse as well as a white chocolate panna cotta with griottines cherries and honeycomb. This stunning dish is an incredible mix of white chocolate, cherries and a great sweet honeycomb crunch. Reviews for this dish have mentioned its incredible quality of fresh ingredients, the well-balanced flavours and creamy richness.


Orcadian Dishes you must try


Sounds tantalizing? Without a doubt, a true Orcadian dining experience should be on everybody’s bucket list. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Haymarket, lays the Orcadian restaurant, the Skerries. This eatery has true grass roots in the Orkney Isles and simply cannot be missed if you are seeking the ultimate authentic dining experience.


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Fairy Pools Skye

6 Places you’d never believe are in Scotland

“Fairy Pools Skye” by Gary Craig is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Every country has it’s little surprises but these places will take your breath away. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of places you’d never believe are in Scotland! Be prepared to be blown away by fairytale like scenery and scenes worthy of an “Outlander” episode or two. Without further ado let’s dive into the list!


Dunrobin Castle

“Fairytale Castle” by Wendy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


Dunrobin Castle

You’d think this was something out a fairytale book! Dunrobin Castle is situated in the Highlands, known as the “jewel in the crown of the Highlands.” The castle is home to The Earl of Sutherland, however it is possible to go and snoop around the royal quarters as a visitor. A visit to the castle is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner prince or princess and presents the chance to even dine like royalty in their tea room restaurant! This wonderful place only has limited rooms open to the public but a trip around the castle will allow you privy to the dining room, the music room, the entrance hall, the breakfast room, the drawing room and the library. As Dunrobin Castle is still inhabited, it is one of the oldest inhabited properties in Scotland – playing home to the earls and dukes of Sutherland as far back as 1401.


The Merry Dancers

“Icy Sky at Night” by Nick Bramhall is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


The Merry Dancers


Would you believe it if we told you that you don’t need to trek all the way to Scandinavia to view the Northern Lights? You can actually witness them from areas of Northern Scotland, Orkney and even Shetland too. In Orkney the lights are considerably predominant in the night Sky and can often be seen. Of course, in true transitional style, these lights have many stories and tales attached to them. They’re known as “Na Fir-Chlis” which is Gaelic for The nimble or lively ones. This name is somewhat appropriate and it is worth noting that the history of these tales dates back further than anyone can remember. A saying in Orkney about these “lively one’s” announces: “When the Mirrie Dancers play, they are like to slay”.


Fingal's Cave

“Fingal’s Cave Staffa” by dun_deagh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


Fingal’s Cave


Fingal’s cave is a wondrous place in Staffa, an island located in the Scottish region of the Inner Herbrides. The cave has beautiful turquoise water running from the ocean into cave mouth and its sides are like chiseled out pillar. The top of the cave is spiked resembling a medieval mace. This place’s aesthetic beauty is definitely unquestionable. But would you have ever believed it was in Scotland?

Scottish Scenery

“Eilean Donan Castle #2″ by Pavel Lunkin is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


Eilean Donan


Eilean Donan is a quaint tidal island in Scotland situated on Loch Druich. The island is home to Scotland’s most famously photographed location. The castle standing on this little island is simple but has made it’s way onto consumer packaging, television and online advertisements as well as even calendars featuring Scotland’s most beautiful scenery. This is a must see location and be sure to get your own snap of the castle yourself!



“Glenfinnan Viaduct” by Antonio Caiazzo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Glenfinnan Viaduct


We’ve all seen the Harry Potter movies but would you believe the viaduct that the Hogwarts Express goes over is located in Scotland? Some major Harry Potter fans will already know of this place but for the average “Joe” this will be news. The viaduct is located above Loch Sheil on the West Highland Train Line overlooking the Glenfinnan Monument and the calm gulf of Loch Sheil.


Fairy Pools at the Isle of Skye

The fairy pools are a stunning place to take a walk, you can also swim in the pools but they are rarely – if ever – warm, so if you’re going to take a dip we’d advise a wet-suit! There are numerous pools in the area, but the most famous and probably the most exciting is “the arch.” You can swim in here and take the exhilarating dive through the waterfall.


Places you’d never believe are in Scotland

The natural beauty in Scotland is so spectacular it can be hard to comprehend that such a place exists outwith storybooks and folk tales. Of course, this is just a small snippet of what Scotland has to offer – and there are plenty places you’d never believe are in Scotland just waiting to be discovered.


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Luxury Dining in Scotland

Do you fancy splashing a bit of cash on food this year? Luxury dining in Scotland has never been this delicious! Scotland is the home of many cultural dishes starting with traditional Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, a well-known dish with many stories attached to it. Haggis, Neeps and Tatties isn’t exactly the epitome of luxury dining in Scotland but it is certainly a place to start.


Where to eat?


We’re no food critics, but if you want to dine out in Scotland, you want to dine in only the finest places. Quality of food is a huge part of life in Scotland and as a result many restaurants here aim to please the public’s insatiable craving for quality food made from the freshest ingredients. It’s the only way! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to spend your dosh on posh nosh in Scotland.


One of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow is The Ox and Finch, a newcomer in the market having only opened in July 2014. With its fine eye for detail and quality customer service, The Ox and Finch is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. From specials on seafood to mouthfuls of mighty meat, the Ox and Finch offers a different take on Scottish cuisine mixing food cultures to make the perfect representation of Scotland’s cultural blend, a mixing-pot if you will.


Chez Roux at the Cromlix in Dunblane is a slightly higher-end restaurant and is only available on a bookings basis. The quality of food offered in this restaurant is not remotely questionable, with suppliers all being from the local area. Chez Roux has made quite a name for itself in the past year both locally and nationally. Operations overseen in the restaurant by the very Albert Roux meaning the dining experience is of the utmost importance and the chefs in the kitchen are the “Mozarts” of food for the 21st century. Prices range from £30 up to £70 per person for a three course meal, an unquestionably good deal for the distinction of the meal.


The Strathearn at the Gleneagles Hotel, is currently the only hotel in Scotland holding two Michelin stars! What does it mean? Achieving a Michelin star is a symbol of only the best in the hospitality world and that the experts of the industry have deemed this restaurant worthy of the title. If that doesn’t say something, then what else will? The Gleneagles hotel is situated in Auchterarder, a beautiful part of Scotland! If you want somewhere the scenery will match the plate of artwork presented by chefs then this is definitely the place to eat. Forget the price – when you see what they present you with – there’s no doubt you’ll be leaving a generous tip!


Last but not least, Le Chardon D’or by Brian Maule. This restaurant takes a turn in the casual direction, contrary to it’s fine dining approach, Brian (The head Chef and patron) will join your table at the end of your meal and discuss it with you, but not just  about food though. Brian is well-known for talking to customers about anything and everything and his relaxed approach brings customers returning. Don’t mistake this for avoiding his hospitality duties, Brian runs a tight kitchen and ensures that there is nothing less than a professional level of consistency and quality.


Are you ready for some luxury dining in Scotland?


Now you’ve “seen the steaks” do you have the stomach to check out some of Scotland’s finest dining experiences? If so what are you waiting for? Hop on board and get eating posh!

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Ikea Wedding Article imagery

The Virtual Wedding Day – The Best Day of your Life?

Yes, ladies and gents, the wedding market is once again leading by example, with mega-retailer, Ikea, announcing the introduction of virtual weddings.  So, what exactly is a virtual wedding day? We investigate the new trend creating a digital buzz.


With smart technology such as phones, tablets and even watches becoming commonplace in almost every household, the convenience of modern technology is considered more of a necessity by many, as opposed to a luxury. Enter Ikea’s latest service – “Weddings Online” – currently only available through the Swedish flagship website, the service allows you and your beloved to marry virtually at a plethora of destinations online. It may seem gimmicky, but with the possibility to invite family and friends through the power of streaming, it certainly tugs a few heartstrings and provides an efficient solution to catering for loved ones, without the pricey flight tickets and accommodation.


With the social buzz around the new Ikea “Weddings Online” service, it jumped our creative juices into turbo drive and we began to explore the marriage of digital technology with weddings…


Perfect Manors – Highland Retreats, Achnagairn Castle, UK


Located in the scenic hills of Scotland, lays the stunning Highland Retreats venue of Achnagairn castle, by Perfect Manors. Voted as the Highland’s best wedding venue, it is safe to say that with a five star self-catering accolade, this is a destination that knows a thing or two about hosting a wedding of spectacular proportions. Of course, nothing beats an experience in the flesh, but with a bridal suite complete with a Jacuzzis only metres from a king-size bed, it’s a sure bet that luxury convenience is at the core of their service. Looking to escape away, but bring all the family too? With an events team to rock-your-frilly-socks and unlimited Wi-Fi, your idyllic wedding without the catering is just a click away.


Kingsmills Hotel and Spa, Inverness, UK


Known fondly by both brides and grooms across the UK, the Kingsmills Hotel and Spa has a reputation for delivering weddings with a “WOW” factor. Complete with private wedding gardens, incredible food standards and its very own whisky bar, it is understandable why so many couples travel to wed at this venue. Unfortunately, being situated in the Highland capital of Scotland can present a travel problem for many families. However, employing Ikea’s tactics of a digital wedding, your family and friends who may be unable to travel can sign in and swap out Netflix for a show much more memorable.


Islay Cottages, Islay, UK


Looking for that truly phenomenal backdrop, without the hustle and bustle of crowds for your wedding day photos? Ideal for intimate weddings surrounded by natural beauty, Islay Cottages provides the ideal solution for escaping from the commercialism of large venues. Of course, with Kilchoman House sleeping up to ten people, it truly will be only the nearest and dearest to attend in the flesh, but for those viewing from home, the view is quite likely to be stunningly cinematic.


Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy


Perhaps a destination wedding is on your mind? Having played host to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s wedding, it’s hardly surprising that celebrity haunt, Borgo Egnazia is on the top of the list for prospective brides-to-be. Of course, boasting only supreme luxury, the destination comes with quite a steep price tag. Nevertheless, the Borgo Egnazia team will go above and beyond to ensure your day is truly unique – and that friends and family back at home can join in with the ceremony and enjoy the climate from behind their screens.


The Virtual Wedding Day – Not just the Venue


Of course, as venues take a step forward into the digital realm, it is just as important not to forget other key features such as food and entertainment. Will you opt for a giant tournament of pong to mark your celebration? Perhaps food will be served by silver-plated butlers on wheels?  Will you choose to have your very own Gigapan, shot by celebrity photographer, Kevin McGarry?

Whatever your decision, we’re sure your virtual wedding day will be a memorable moment to cherish – and revisit, again and again across Instagram.

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Children silhouettes playing together

Family-Friendly Holidays in Scotland


Holidays are all good and well, but some places aren’t always suited for the whole family. If like us, you consider your furry friends as part of the family then you know the extent one goes to finding the family friendly holiday they’re looking for. Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed it down to some awesome family-friendly holidays in Scotland.


Where can we go?


The thing is, Scotland is becoming a widely pet-friendly holiday hub in the UK. You can go pretty much anywhere in Scotland with your felines and canines. From Alloa to Inverness you can find anything from a £31 per night stay to £145 per night.


Accomodation for family-friendly holidays in Scotland


Honestly, that depends on what you’re after. If you’re after something a little more luxurious, we’d advise the Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness, from £110 per night you can have a Classic Double room (and you can even bring the pets) or a Classic Twin if you have a child for £120 (you can still bring your furry friend).


Elderburn lodges in Fife (near St. Andrews) is also a family and pet-friendly holiday stop. For 7 nights stay it’s only £900 for 4 if you book a week between June and August!


Perhaps that’s all glorious but a bit steep for your budget? No worries! We can advise The Townhouse, in Perth. It’s a wonderful family and pet-friendly guesthouse and you can stay from just £75 per night. Enjoy the views of a beautiful old Scottish town with the comforts of warm, spacious rooms and cuddle up with the furries.


What has Scotland got to offer?


Scotland is a culture rich country with not only an interesting history and good places to have a pint in but also homes some of the worlds most beautiful scenery with it’s hills, Lochs, mountains and countryside. There is honestly no country more pleasant to take a drive through, climb mountains in the countryside, swim in lochs or even abseil down rocky terrain. Why hesitate – book your family-friendly holidays in Scotland now!

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A picture of Edinburgh Castle

Top 5 Attractions in Scotland

If you’ve ended up here, then the likelihood is you’re looking for some of the top destinations in Scotland to visit! You’re probably also thinking “Not another Top 10” right?

We won’t give you the same-old Top 10 that you’re used to! Let’s narrow it down a bit. You don’t want to have to choose from 10 different destinations or attractions which might be spread all around the country right? We’re going for the Top 5!


Top 5 Destinations in Scotland


Edinburgh Castle


Possibly the most iconic attraction in Scotland is the Edinburgh Castle, the castle has existed since the 12th century, founded during the reign of David I. During the 15th Century the castle wasn’t domesticated, and was pretty much empty until the 17th century when it was primarily used as army barracks. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the castle was recognized as a monument worth being considered as a vital part in Scottish Heritage.

If you like the castle, you could always check out other destinations in Edinburgh, like the Edinburgh dungeons.


Loch Lomond


Loch Lomond just happens to be the largest spread of inland water within the United Kingdom, let alone Scotland, that should be awesome enough to convince one to visit the destination. If not, then maybe you’ll go check it out because there was a song written about it? ‘The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond’.


Loch Ness


Like Loch Lomond, Loch Ness is very rich in Scottish culture. If you haven’t already heard the Nessie myths, you’re about to.

The story goes that deep beneath the surface of Loch Ness lives a great serpent-like cryptid, some have said to be over 50ft long. The first sightings of the beast were around 1871, but the  first recorded story was of July 22nd 1933 recorded by  a man named George Spicer and his wife. They described the creature they saw as being roughly 1.2 meters high and 7.6 meters long.

Though the thought of there being a monster in the lake is quite a chill-to-the-bone one, it is always fun to go and have a look. Who knows, if you see Nessie, maybe he/she’ll present him/herself long enough for you to take a decent snap!


The Wallace Monument


If you’re looking for something a little less fantastical perhaps check out the Wallace Monument. The tower was built in 1869 after a fundraising campaign to rejuvenate the Scottish National Identity had commenced.

The tower was built to commemorate William Wallace, one of Scotland’s greatest historic warriors. William Wallace fought in many battles for Scotland’s independence from the English monarch. Despite Wallace taking part in many battles, there were two he was well known for participating in – The Battle Of Falkirk and the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

This was all –of course- before his sentencing and execution. William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered, a brutal but to-the-point execution used to strike fear into the hearts of the Scots.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery


Have a look around something just as interesting but a little less gruesome with the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. With exhibits ranging from Egyptian tombs to the art movements to evolutionary taxidermy, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery is definitely a must-see in attraction in Scotland.

The gallery is home to some very famous and influential paintings such as “Christ of Saint John on the Cross.” By Salvador Dali. If you’re interested in art culture, this is definitely the place to go!


So that’s our Top 5 Attractions in Scotland, all the attractions have their own websites you can check out and find prices for. The likes of Kelvingrove Art Gallery are free of entry fee, but you will find a donation box by the front door. The best part of these five attractions is that they’re all fab places to go on a budget too! To find out more about Scottish attractions, why not explore the rest of our blog? 


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