5 Excellent Hotel Conference Venues around the UK

There are truly some excellent venues in the UK that offer both first-class conference facilities and provide comfortable accommodation for your delegates. The convenience of having meeting facilities, catering, entertainment and accommodation in one place makes hotels the prime location for large scale conferences. In order to ascertain exactly which ones are the best, we have pulled together a short list of five hotels up and down the country to give you an idea of what they can offer when you are booking your conference venue.


Image courtesy of University of Exeter

1 – Kingsmills Hotel

Nestled in the luscious greenery of the Scottish Highlands, right in Inverness, the Kingsmills Hotel is one of those hotels that you shouldn’t overlook when you are booking your conference. They have taken a great deal of time and effort on their facilities, and they can host a conference for up to 480 people, which is somewhat a unique feature.

2 – Crieff Hydro

Crieff Hydro offers some of the best team building experiences in Scotland. The Hydro has outdoor pursuits and exercises that help build team relationships and trust. It also has some excellent facilities for catering to conference delegates and anyone planning a conference should check out the Crieff Hydro.

3 – The Royal Garden Hotel

Set in the beautiful surroundings next to Kensington Palace Gardens, the 5* Royal Garden Hotel offers some of the best conference facilities in London. Enjoy a banquet style meeting and conference with the Mezzanine Level or the Palace Suites, to provide a cozy and intimate environment. If your conference is slightly smaller and less formal, you can choose from their executive boardrooms.

4 – Hotel Verta

For a venue that takes its business very seriously, the Hotel Verta offers easy access to and from the city. Built in Battersea, the Verta has some excellent options for conference delegates, including conference facilities for up to 200 people. Each room is also equipped with temperature controls, external electronic signage outside every room and IPTV’s.

5 – Queen’s Park Hotel

The Queen’s Park Hotel, Bayswater is in one of the most popular shopping areas of London, giving delegates plenty to do when the conference takes a break or finishes. Inside the Queen’s Park Hotel, you will find stationary, projectors, monitors and every facility you need for a successful conference.
Before booking your conference venue, get in touch with the hotel and see what special deals and offers they can give you. It is also a good idea to arrange a thorough tour of the venue in advance of the event. Most large hotels have account managers or events staff who can organize much of the legwork for you, and can talk you through the process of organising a world-class event for your delegates.