A photo of an Orcadian starter meal

5 Orcadian Dishes you have to try

 Orcadian dishes are a niche of their own; this local Scottish cuisine is something spectacular. These 5 Orcadian dishes you have to try are a sure way to tickle your taste buds.


Roast Loin of Highland Wild Venison, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Glazed Heritage Carrots and Port Wine Jus


This spectacular dish is one of a kind; it’s a perfect combination of succulent local game meat, fresh veg and an incredible aged-wine sauce. The beauty of this dish remains throughout the presentation and varies from restaurant to restaurant. The dish is a spectacular piece of art on a plate, with an undeniably great effort being put into the dish.


Pan-seared Lemon and Lime crusted Orkney Salmon with Smoked Pancetta complimented with a Lime and Mint Risotto


This stunning and creative meal is one to be remembered! The freshness of the saltwater fish in this incredible Orcadian dish is unquestionable, the lemon and lime crust brings an extra mouth-watering tang to the dish and the risotto brings that palette fresh yet creamy rich quality to the plate.


Roasted Plum Tomato and Fennel Linguine with a Parmesan Gratin


This is the perfect vegetarian Orcadian dish. If you’re looking for something light but filling then this is definitely what you want; the dish is jam-packed with flavour yet easy to eat without an overwhelming burst. The pasta dish is one of the very best available, the parmesan gratin gives the dish a pasta bake look and really pulls everything together. There is nothing better than sitting down for lunch and having a fresh pasta-bake when you can taste the fresh juices of the plum tomatoes and the slightly salty nip of the parmesan.


Selection of Scottish Orkney Cheeses


Down to desserts now: the Scottish Orkney Cheese selection is perfect for a wind down after a heavy meal. The cheeses vary in strength and age, served with a peppered and apple plum chutney as well as a further selection of Scottish oatcakes and crackers. This dessert platter is perfect for sharing on a romantic meal or even if you’re in a group a few of these are likely to keep a smile on everybody’s face.


Duo of White Chocolate


This is a perfect blend of white chocolate in a white chocolate mousse as well as a white chocolate panna cotta with griottines cherries and honeycomb. This stunning dish is an incredible mix of white chocolate, cherries and a great sweet honeycomb crunch. Reviews for this dish have mentioned its incredible quality of fresh ingredients, the well-balanced flavours and creamy richness.


Orcadian Dishes you must try


Sounds tantalizing? Without a doubt, a true Orcadian dining experience should be on everybody’s bucket list. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Haymarket, lays the Orcadian restaurant, the Skerries. This eatery has true grass roots in the Orkney Isles and simply cannot be missed if you are seeking the ultimate authentic dining experience.