Bottom of a steam train on the tracks

All Aboard: Train Tripping through the UK

The United Kingdom is a beautiful place. It’s full of culture, history and rolling hills that are just begging to be climbed and explored. The only problem is getting anywhere. Most of the main cities are separated by six-hour drives (if you’re lucky)! Thankfully, our blog title isn’t just for show. The UK really is ‘united’ by a never-ending, inter-connected rail network. So if you’re looking to go train tripping through the UK in the New Year, we might be able to help give you a few ideas.


On Track To Train Tripping Through The UK


With over 2 000 railway stations in the UK (making it the fifth most used railway network on the planet), the British Railway system also happens to be the oldest Railway Network in the entire world. The Stockton and Darlington Railway opened in 1825, the first locomotive-pulled railway for public use. Which means train tripping through the UK is not only viable; it’s one of the most authentic ways of exploring the country.

A network of rail tracks

Rail Tours – A Classic

Rail Tours are widely regarded as excellent value for money. And as the best-known method of exploring the country by train, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. UK Railtours are ‘Britain’s favourite Rail Tour Operator’. They start a number of their tours around London, and then venture afield on unusual tracks to hidden gems, seaside resorts or quiet trips around the country, giving passengers a chance to soak up the sights. They even offer a chance to take a trip in a genuine steam train! Offering a choice of seats, a train-bound dining experience and a wealth of sights, why not enrich your year by starting it on tour?


Rail Roving – A Hidden Treat

Rail roving is kind of like Donald Trump’s hair – a downright mystery we simply cannot get enough of. Trumping all other train tripping through the UK options, rail roving is without a doubt a hidden delight. Few people really acknowledge that it exists as a service. Even writing about it now, we expect you’re probably asking yourself what it’s all about.


Rail roving allows you to purchase a ticket that lasts a set number of days. But unlike other rail passes, it allows unlimited travel on any number of stations in a designated area. If you’re looking to book hotels in advance, this is probably the exploration method for you. And the best part of rail roving? It’s cheap. Making it the perfect way to explore Scotland’s secret history with the Freedom of Scotland Travelpass 4 in 8 Days. For only £134, it covers a number of Caledonian MacBrayne ferries, along with a handful of bus services for four days in an eight-day period. Which means it’s perfect for the well-planned traveller with an eye for adventure.

Man walking away on rail tracks
Whether you’re looking to get away for the New Year, or excited to spend some time with the family on a train in the New Year, you’re spoilt for choice. Make 2016 the year of train tripping through the UK and take in the sights, sounds and history around you.