Best Places to Visit in Scotland This Christmas

Best UK Hotels wants to share with you some of our favourite options for spending an alternative Christmas somewhere other than at home. Maybe you fancy doing something entirely different this year and want to retreat to the quiet of the Scottish Highlands. Perhaps you want to give someone you love the ideal gift and send them to their dream Hogmanay over the border or maybe you want to take the entire family and just enjoy some Scottish traditions. Whatever you decide we have some ideas that might entice you to do something traditional without having to cook the turkey yourself.



Edinburgh at a glance” by Dimitry B., licenced under CC BY 2.0


Skerries at The Dunstane

The Dunstane Hotel in Edinburgh offers some of the best local cuisine, including freshly caught seafood and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Their restaurant, Skerries, is highly regarded and recommended by some of the top food writers making it well worth a visit. If you plan to eat at Skerries restaurant or stay overnight at The Dunstane, you will receive a very warm welcome indeed and a chance to explore the gorgeous city of Edinburgh as the city comes alive during the festive season.

Kingsmills Hotel

As an ideal Christmas gift for a loved one, The Kingsmills Hotel is a great place to enjoy some festive cheer. In the heart of Inverness, The Kingsmills is known for excellent service, luxurious décor and some spectacular views of the surrounding area. Their cuisine is exquisite making a gift voucher for this hotel a perfect Christmas present.



Beauly Firth from North Kessock Black Isle Scotland” by Dave Conner, licenced under CC BY 2.0

Perfect Manors Castle

Perfect Manors gives you the chance to spend quality time together in the peaceful surroundings of the Scottish Highlands. Explore the wide open countryside and the brisk fresh air as you enjoy a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Mar Hall

Mar Hall is set in 240 acres of sheer and utter beauty. You can experience life as a 5 star guest when you stay there, but you can also share the 5-star life with someone special when you choose to give a gift certificate as a present. Christmas is the ideal time to share the wonders of Mar Hall with a loved one.

Spoiling the people we love at Christmas is something most of us love doing. Giving them a gift like this is giving them a memory they can treasure for many years to come.