Christmas Shopping in London


London” by PugGirl, licenced under CC BY 2.0

Christmas shopping in London used to be a long battle from one end of Oxford Street to the other, then a trek back to Oxford Circus to go up and down Regent Street. By then your feet were so tired you just wanted to jump on the first bus home. It took the fun out of it in a sense, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Over the years, London has changed in many ways, and some parts of the capital are barely recognizable compared to our first trip there in the 80’s.

East London especially has seen some serious additions and modernizations that have brought new businesses and homebuyers to the area. In turn, it has brought fresh new life to the area and completely rejuvenated it.


Regent Street” by James Petts, licenced under  CC BY-SA 2.0

Shopping Capital

Despite the draws of online shopping, people still love the experience of walking down the high street and into the shops to touch and feel the presents they are buying for people. We all like to know that what we are buying has a nice feel to it or is something we would like ourselves. Nowadays it is fun to wander around the new stores and the markets that serve the people of West and East to find some unique presents.

The Hoxton Hotel, in Shoreditch—and another in Holborn—are great quirky places to stay if you intend on shopping in London for your Christmas gifts. London isn’t short of place to stay and we recommend The Bingham, Richmond and The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington for a touch of luxury. Park Inn, Heathrow is also excellent if you are flying in or out of this international airport.

West and South West London have plenty of shopping areas to choose from, and Richmond has some terrific boutique stores, as does the Chelsea High Road. Of course, if you are buying for the kids, don’t forget the Harrods toy department and Hamleys – the most famous toy store in the world!