Creating a Better Flying Team for US Visitors


G-FBEF” by Mark Harkin, licenced  under CC BY 2.0

For visitors heading to Scotland from the USA, getting to the Highlands can be an adventure in itself. Until recently it could be difficult to get direct flights, and so a visit to Northern Scotland would often involve numerous transfers or a long drive from one of the major airports.

Thankfully this situation is now a thing of the past. Aer Lingus and Flybe have teamed up to offer American passengers direct flights to Inverness from the United States, with a changeover at Dublin airport. This is a fantastic venture, as it effectively opens up the joys of the Scottish Highlands to American travellers.


Loch Ness from Fort Augustus Scotland” by Dave Conner, licenced under CC BY 2.0

 Gateway to the Highlands

What this teaming up also means is that business and corporate passengers, as well as holiday passengers can fly from places like Dublin over to Inverness in Scotland. Think about the convenience of hopping a plane from Dublin on Friday afternoon, spending a weekend staying at The Kingsmills Hotel and enjoying the Cairngorms, and then flying back Sunday night ready for work on Monday morning. Sounds idyllic and can be just as effective cost-wise, too.

If you are doing a tour of the Highlands, you can also choose The Rowantree Hotel in Aviemore, Scotland. It is not far from Inverness, but if you intend to wander about it’s a great base to choose for spreading out further. Otherwise, there is also the Nairn Golf View Hotel and Spa, up in Nairn. Nairn sits on the northern coast a few miles north east of Inverness where you can also play the links course if you are a golfing fan.


Cheers! Dublin Style” by Zach Dischner, licenced under CC BY 2.0

It Cuts Both Ways

We discussed the option of flying from Dublin to Inverness, but, think about it…what if you live in Inverness and want to spend the weekend in Dublin? Done! It does work both ways and you can spend a weekend enjoying the Dublin pubs, the Irish food and the hospitality of the people. The Morgan Hotel offers a quirky and chic boutique experience in the heart of Dublin’s trendy nightlife whereas the Trinity City Hotel offers an altogether grander affair in a traditional Georgian building near the world famous Trinity College.