International Spotlight – Adriatic Coast

Whichever country you choose to visit, you will not be disappointed on the the Adriatic Coastline. Both Italy and Croatia offer excellent destinations for unwinding during the long summer nights. Here are some of our favourite places to stay.



Trpanj” by Rudolf Getel, licenced under CC BY 2.0

Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea making it the perfect place to bask in the warm sunshine. This charming area has a complex cultural history meaning you’ll find a variety of influences. Stay at the 5* Kempinski Hotel Adriatic and you will quickly relax! There are a number of towns to visit but our favourites are Pula and Rovinj.


This historical port town hosts an impressive Roman amphitheatre and other historical sites that have managed to stay well preserved over centuries. In fact, there’s not much evidence of Pula being a significant town until 177 BC when the Romans arrived and transformed the landscape. Today you can relax on the long stretch of rocky beach or sample the local delicacies in one of the many cafes whilst watching the world pass by.


Rovinj is one of the most charming towns on the Istrian coast. The town has an almost Italian feel with Veenetian-style houses and luxury yachts dotted along the harbour. Italian is in fact spoken widely here, with many of the road signs also in Italian. It is famous for its artists whose studios fill the Old Town and spill onto the main street, Grisia, on the second Sunday of August for an open air display.



The Teatro Piccinni in Bari” courtesy of Wikipedia

Staying at the stunning Borgo Egnazia resort puts you in an ideal place to enjoy several of Italy’s most historic and fascinating towns. Each town has its own charm, characteristics and must see sites, but two towns in particular, Bari and Otranto, absolutely should not be overlooked when planning your southern Italy holiday.


The coastal area town of Bari is located about 65 km north of Borgo Egnazia, and like many of Italy’s most visited old towns, Bari is a charming labyrinth of narrow, clean, bright alleyways. Locals socialize outside where women prepare the local pasta, orecchiette, out in the open. Bari is home to a number of must see sites, including the breath-taking Basilica di San Nicola and several historic castles, including the Castel del Monte. However, if you are looking for an up close and intimate experience where you can casually socialize with the locals, Bari is hard to beat.


Otranto is Italy’s easternmost town, so it sits as close to the water as one can get. The city offers so many things to do and see that it is well worth the 150 km drive from Borgo Egnazia. For example, the majestic Cathedral of Otranto is positioned at the highest location in town and is worth the visit just to see the spectacular mosaic floor.

Ocean adventurers can participate in a guided scuba diving adventure, where dives are done both day and night. For castle lovers, a place to visit is the Castello Aragonese. Current admission rates are €10.00 for adults, €6.00 for children 10-14, and children aged 0-9 go free.

A great perk about planning a holiday in southern Italy is that it can be planned to suit any type of taste or interest. Whether you are an architecture or history buff, a nature lover or are interested in getting to know the locals, southern Italy, as evidenced by the examples of Bari and Otranto, is the perfect destination.