International Spotlight: Let’s Talk Holidays for Summer Deals 2015

Ok, so we figured that with it being cold right now you are probably dreaming of warmer climes already and planning your summer holidays. It’s time for our international spotlight and this time we are going to focus on a few places that many people would not even think of. It gives you the chance to choose something less touristy and off the beaten track.

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Villa - Esterno Piscina

The best of Italy

While others are dreaming of Disneyland and Florida, or the Bahamas, or even Machu Pichu, why not just go for something a little more tailored closer to home? Something a little more off-the-cuff and something deeply cultural is often a good option. Italy is a highly cultural and fascinating country with a deep-rooted history. On the coast of Puglia lies Borgo Engazia – a place where you can experience luxury in its purest form. Lay back and enjoy a therapeutic massage in their Vair spa or stroll the private beach near the golf course, all under the beautifully warm Italian sun.


Southern France

Southern France has the best of all worlds – a balmy Mediterranean climate, gorgeous food, exquisite wine and fabulous scenery. The south of France has a distinct culture and an art, architecture and history all of its own. If you have only been to Paris or the north of France, then you are missing out. If you stay in Cannes you can opt for the Hotel Canberra where you can feel the luxury seeping into every corner of your vacation.


Feeling Hungary?

Odds are you might be. Probably not the first choice for many but Budapest has been in the spotlight recently, with the opening last year, of the movie named after the city—The Grand Hotel Budapest. Speaking of hotels, you might want to check out Hotel Boscolo in Budapest. Budapest is a city that, because of its positioning, has a very varied architecture. As one ambles around the city, the architectural influences become obvious and range from Ottoman style, Roman and many others, right up to contemporary masterpieces. It truly is a feast for the eyes, so if Hungary hasn’t previously been on your ‘to visit’ list, why not consider it for this year’s holiday?