International Spotlight: Rhodes – Five Thousand Years of Art, History and Culture

In order to help shed light on the incredible history of this astounding Greek island, an important conference was held on Monday November 3rd, 2014, covering all aspects of Rhodian archaeology. This turned out to be a rewarding and fascinating conference, with presentations from expert panellists in the fields of history, archaeology and art.

About the Conference

The ground-breaking conference was a celebration of the Rhodian archaeological exhibition, which is expected to begin next month in Paris. This highly anticipated exhibition will open in the famous Louvre Museum. Both the Louvre Museum and cultural organisations from the South Aegean region have come together to host this incredible conference together during WTM.


Lindos – Temple of Athena Lindia” by Roger Wollstadt, licenced under CC BY SA 2.0

More about Rhodes

In case you were unaware, Rhodes was once the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus. Most people know Rhodes as a favorite holiday destination for sun worshippers and party seekers; with its famous resorts of Lindos and Faliraki. It is also an important centre of cultural and archaeological treasures from the classical period. The conference presented a narrative that wove together different objects that were once scattered amongst countless different museums. These artefacts included historical pieces from the Late Bronze Age to the Archaic Period of Classical Greece.

Conference Panellists

The conference was hosted by some of the leading experts in the field. Some of these included:

• Christine Cuny, PR & Communications Mg, Louvre Museum
• George Chatzimarkos, Governor, South Aegean Region
• Marieta Vakiani Papavasileiou, Vice Governor of Tourism, South Aegean Region
• Stelios Brigkos, Vice Governor of Culture, South Aegean Region
• Fotis Chatzidiakos, Mayor, Rhodes.

The conference was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a varied insight into Aegean history. Much light was shed on the upcoming exhibition, and we can’t wait to get in some reports from Paris once it has started. For more information about the Rhodian archaeology exhibition, please visit the Louvre’s website directly. Paris is a fantastic place for a weekend break, and this is one more reason for history lovers to explore the great city.