Interrupting the Space-Time Continuum of Day Trips

Continuum  Coronation Street Tour

The February half term holiday can sometimes be the most difficult one to accommodate into your
calendar. Not long after Christmas you might not always be able to get the time off work and to cap
that, the weather has not quite picked up enough to be spring, yet. However, at Best UK Hotels we are
constantly looking for solutions to problems you might not have even foreseen yet. Let’s see a few
brilliant ‘Continuum Attractions’ ideas for things to do with the kids next half term.

1. The Real Mary King’s Close

Picture of people from Real Mary's Kings Close

Visitors to Edinburgh can satisfy their curiosity about all things spooky by taking the tour of the Old
Town with characters from The Real Mary King’s Close. Experience what it was like to suffer death from
plague, murderous villains and some of the worst living conditions of the 1600’s. The kids will love it.
Stay at the Parliament House Hotel and see more of Edinburgh while you are here.

2. Middlethorpe Hall & Spa

Middlethorpe Hall

Image Middlethorpe Hall  by Neil T is licensed under CC BY-SA  2.0

Staying in a ‘Hall’ such as Middlethorpe gives you an authentic taste of living the rich life in the
countryside. Take the kids to see Chocolate Story at York and show them how chocolate came into
being. There are fun things to see and do at an attraction well worth a visit.

3. The Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

The Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

 Image Canterbury Cathedral Lodge  by Simon Burchell is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license., via Wikimedia Commons

Canterbury is rich with historical reference, from Chaucer to religious conflict and the home of the
Church of England. Canterbury has much to offer, and kids will enjoy the Canterbury Tales experience
and learn a little information at the same time. The beautiful Canterbury Lodge is within the grounds of
the Cathedral offering easy access to the most beautiful building around.

4. Oxford Castle

Malamaison Oxford

Image Malamaison, Entrance to the Gaol  by Bill Nicholls is licensed under CC BY-SA  2.0, via Wikimedia Commons



Stay at the Malmaison, Oxford for a decadent experience of fine living. Close to Oxford castle you can
take the kids for a trip around some of the most outstanding architecture that England has to offer.
Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, as written by Matthew Arnold, has long been an attraction not just
for its college but for its entire ethos and surroundings.
Because half term can be an especially challenging week, make sure your kids have plenty of other
activities to keep them occupied while traveling, too.