January Sales in Scotland—Surprise yourself

Thinking of somewhere to go to take advantage of the January sales? Enjoy a retail therapy break in Edinburgh and take in one of the best shopping cities in the UK. Edinburgh is a mere few hours from London on a train and less than an hour by air. It is calm, picturesque and quiet, with an abundance of shops stocked and ready for sale shoppers. You will find Scotland’s only Harvey Nichols store right in the heart of Edinburgh, along with the city’s oldest department store Jenners. You will also find all the major retailers that you are used to seeing on the high street.



Marchbrae Clothing and other shops” by Romtomtom, licenced under CC BY 2.0


Scotland and Shopping

A shopping trip in Scotland can be a great way to combine a weekend away with a bargain hunting trip. Stay at Parliament House Hotel or The Dunstane, in Edinburgh city centre for easy and quick access to the shops. Buy all your winter woollies on The Royal Mile and treat yourself to a tartan kilt in one of the traditional stores. There really is more to shopping in Scotland than you thought!


Sunday Shoppers” by John, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Day Trip to Glasgow

If you are staying in Edinburgh, don’t forget to hop a train across to Glasgow for a day of shopping there too. Take a trip along the “Style Mile” and experience over 1,500 shops, many of which are exclusive to Glasgow. You will find the three floored Forever 21 here which is the US brand’s first store in Scotland and one of only six stores in the UK. You are sure to find a unique bargain!

After a long day shopping, head back to Edinburgh to enjoy a lovely meal at the hotel restaurants of Parliament House or The Dunstane before getting a good night’s sleep, ready to do it all again in the morning.