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Luxury Dining in Scotland

Do you fancy splashing a bit of cash on food this year? Luxury dining in Scotland has never been this delicious! Scotland is the home of many cultural dishes starting with traditional Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, a well-known dish with many stories attached to it. Haggis, Neeps and Tatties isn’t exactly the epitome of luxury dining in Scotland but it is certainly a place to start.


Where to eat?


We’re no food critics, but if you want to dine out in Scotland, you want to dine in only the finest places. Quality of food is a huge part of life in Scotland and as a result many restaurants here aim to please the public’s insatiable craving for quality food made from the freshest ingredients. It’s the only way! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to spend your dosh on posh nosh in Scotland.


One of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow is The Ox and Finch, a newcomer in the market having only opened in July 2014. With its fine eye for detail and quality customer service, The Ox and Finch is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. From specials on seafood to mouthfuls of mighty meat, the Ox and Finch offers a different take on Scottish cuisine mixing food cultures to make the perfect representation of Scotland’s cultural blend, a mixing-pot if you will.


Chez Roux at the Cromlix in Dunblane is a slightly higher-end restaurant and is only available on a bookings basis. The quality of food offered in this restaurant is not remotely questionable, with suppliers all being from the local area. Chez Roux has made quite a name for itself in the past year both locally and nationally. Operations overseen in the restaurant by the very Albert Roux meaning the dining experience is of the utmost importance and the chefs in the kitchen are the “Mozarts” of food for the 21st century. Prices range from £30 up to £70 per person for a three course meal, an unquestionably good deal for the distinction of the meal.


The Strathearn at the Gleneagles Hotel, is currently the only hotel in Scotland holding two Michelin stars! What does it mean? Achieving a Michelin star is a symbol of only the best in the hospitality world and that the experts of the industry have deemed this restaurant worthy of the title. If that doesn’t say something, then what else will? The Gleneagles hotel is situated in Auchterarder, a beautiful part of Scotland! If you want somewhere the scenery will match the plate of artwork presented by chefs then this is definitely the place to eat. Forget the price – when you see what they present you with – there’s no doubt you’ll be leaving a generous tip!


Last but not least, Le Chardon D’or by Brian Maule. This restaurant takes a turn in the casual direction, contrary to it’s fine dining approach, Brian (The head Chef and patron) will join your table at the end of your meal and discuss it with you, but not just  about food though. Brian is well-known for talking to customers about anything and everything and his relaxed approach brings customers returning. Don’t mistake this for avoiding his hospitality duties, Brian runs a tight kitchen and ensures that there is nothing less than a professional level of consistency and quality.


Are you ready for some luxury dining in Scotland?


Now you’ve “seen the steaks” do you have the stomach to check out some of Scotland’s finest dining experiences? If so what are you waiting for? Hop on board and get eating posh!