On the Third Day of Christmas…

…we had nothing to do. That is the trouble with that little period in between Christmas and New Year, it’s a bit of a dead spot. Christmas presents are opened, Boxing Day is over and there’s that little wait where it can feel as though you are on a hiatus. As Best UK Hotels we have come up with some ways to help you think of things to do during that downtime. You might even want to include staying away until after the New Year if you in the perfect place to celebrate it.


Winter Wonderland” by Bert Kaufmann, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

1) Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington

Take a trip to London and book a luxurious room at the Royal Garden Hotel for a real treat. You might get some great deals on London shopping as the sales start and pick up some excellent goodies. The Royal Garden Hotel is a five star hotel based in the heart of London’s Kensington, within a stone’s throw of Kensington Palace Gardens.

2) Perfect Manors

Get ready to escape from the ordinary life and enter the world of opulence and luxury in the divine setting of Perfect Manors. Perfect Manors is the gateway to a peaceful and quiet experience in the countryside or overseas, with locations in Scotland and Antigua.

3) The Kingsmills Hotel

Inverness at its very best, Kingsmills Hotel is a luxurious setting, perfect for that Highland getaway and a relaxing experience away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Inverness offers spectacular shopping and all the advantages of the high street stores without the crowds.

Getting away between Christmas and New Year is a splendid way to recharge your batteries and enjoy some quiet time before heading back for the New Year celebrations. Look out for “Twixmas” deals on a number of different hotel websites.