Edinburgh Castle

Scotland – A Country of History

Scotland as a destination has many wonderful elements to offer with the top 5 arguably being scenery, whisky, food, heritage and textiles.

Our beautiful nation is steeped in history and with the recent profile of Jacobite fueled Outlander attracting the attention of foreign markets, Scotland as a historical destination, has never been stronger.

With many tours inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s classic, Outlander Inspired Tours in Scotland are growing in popularity. With both series one and – soon to be completed – series two of Outlander is being filmed in Scotland, the demand to experience Highlander life first hand has never been higher.

Stemming from the start of the glacier period, Scotland has a wealth of history transcending many generations and now, 10,000 years later, Scotland’s wealth of castles and historic sites making for a truly interesting vacation.


A Brief Overview of Scotland’s History


As the second largest city in Scotland, our nation’s capital – Edinburgh – is home to arguably the most famous castle in Scotland known as the capital’s rock. The castle famously housed many Scottish monarchs including Queen Margaret who died in the castle in 1093. In 1566  the James VI was born in the Royal Palace housed within the castle grounds.

Stirling Castle, yet another famous historic landmark in our bonny country, is steeped in history. Originally conceived as the residence for King James V in 1538, the palace was only half way completed before his death in 1542. Falling into disrepair in the 17th Century, the military claimed the castle ensuring the historically accurate features were preserved until the military’s departure in 1964.

As the home from home to the Royal Family, Balmoral Castle was famously purchased in 1852 by Queen Victoria for Prince Albert. After much consideration, Prince Albert requested a new castle be build 100 yards to the North West of the building as the original was considered too small for the family. Currently a 5 star tourist attraction, the castle and others contribute to the country of history that is Scotland.