Edinburgh Castle

Scotland – A Country of History

Scotland has many wonderful reasons to visit. The top 5 probably being scenery, whisky, food, heritage and textiles. Scotland’s history is also a huge draw for tourists every year. From before the ice age through the dark ages and all the way up to now, there are so many stories to tell. If you are looking to immerse yourself in history, then Scotland is the country to visit.

Our beautiful nation is steeped in history. With the Jacobite fueled Outlander attracting international visitors, Scotland as a historical destination has never been stronger. This show has re-ignited many people’s love for the Scottish Highlands, which is such a romantic yet dramatic landscape.

Outlander inspired tours in Scotland are growing in popularity. With much of the series being filmed in Scotland, the demand to experience Highlander life first hand has never been higher. From graves to battlefields, it’s easy to feel like you are part of Outlander’s world. If you plan on staying in Inverness on your trip, we can recommend both Kingsmills Hotel, and Ness Walk.

Scotland’s wealth of castles and historic sites makes for a truly interesting vacation. It would take more than just one holiday to see them all, so make sure you plan ahead when you visit. It’s also worth checking opening times, as not all of Scotland’s castles open year-round. To research castles of interest, Historic Environment Scotland is a great place to start.

Here are three of our favourites.

Highlights of Scotland’s History

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city. Edinburgh castle famously housed many Scottish kings and queens, including Queen Margaret who died in the castle in 1093. In 1566 James VI was born in the Royal Palace housed within the castle grounds.

Stirling Castle is also full of history. It was originally planned to be the residence for King James V in 1538. However, the palace was only halfway completed before his death in 1542. So it fell into disrepair in the 17th Century, before the military claimed the castle until 1964.

Finally, Balmoral Castle was famously bought in 1852 by Queen Victoria for Prince Albert. After much thought, he thought the original was too small for the family! So Prince Albert asked for a new castle to be built 100 yards to the North West of the building. Currently a 5 star tourist attraction.

This castle and others contribute to the fascinating stories of  Scotland’s history. Are you planning an historical visit to Scotland? What is your favourite castle here?

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