A photograph of Doune Castle

Top 10 Scottish Film Locations

“Doune Castle” by Galla & Yoav is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


It’s doesn’t come as a surprise that Scotland is chosen for as a filming location with it’s outstanding scenery, but to have found as many filming spots as we have in Scotland almost knocked us off our seats. Scotland has been a key spot it would seem for filming since as early as 1981 in the film Chariots of Fire. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 Scottish film locations so you can visit the backdrops of your favourite films!


Chariots of Fire – 1981


The opening scene for Chariots of Fire was actually filmed on the West Sands beach on the coast of St. Andrews. This beach was chosen specifically for its stunning aesthetics and Highland feel.


Braveheart – 1995


Aspects of this epic film, which will never get old, were filmed in the stunning landscapes throughout and near Glen Nevis and Loch Leven. The backdrop was chosen specially for this Oscar winning film by Mel Gibson.


Trainspotting – 1996


This disturbing yet brilliant movie was partially filmed in Edinburgh’s famous location Princes Street as well as Calton Road. Edinburgh wasn’t the only lucky place to be picked for this film though, Glasgow and Rannoch Moor were also chosen.


Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets – 2002


This was the first of the movies in the series to exhibit the stunning scenery around and the body of Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Scottish Highlands.


The Eagle – 2011


This Scottish historical film directed by Glasgow’s own Kevin MacDonald, was filmed in Wester Ross, Stirling and even Loch Lomond! Highlighting the beauty of Scotland, this film naturally had to be shot in the country itself. After all nothing can possibly recreate the natural beauty and spectacle that what Scotland is!


Prometheus – 2012


Filmed in Skye, parts of this film strengthen the natural beauty of the stunning landscaped, fresh skies, natural shining waters and Cullin Mountains. To not have chosen Scotland for the filming of the incredible blockbuster would have been without a doubt devastating for the quality of the production.


Skyfall 007 – 2012


The Bond film producers have a history of choosing iconic locations for the production of the popular movies, so it was no surprise to us when Scotland’s Glencoe was chosen for scenery in the film. Having been chosen for the Bond blockbuster is without a doubt the seal of approval for Scotland as one of the best places to film for scenery.


World War Z – 2013


Brad Pitt brought out the screaming fan girl inside all of us when he came to shoot in Glasgow’s city centre: George Square (turned into Philadelphia Square.) Not only was the film shot in Glasgow, but open auditions for extras were held at the local Caledonian University campus just minutes walk from the filming location.


Outlander – 2014


This hugely popular time-travel romance/fantasy television series has been built from the best-selling novels by Diana Gabaldon. The entire series was filmed throughout Scotland, also featuring Doune Castle just 9 miles from Stirling.


Macbeth – 2015


The latest version of the classic Shakespeare play was filmed on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands. The classic story of the Thane of who violently slaughters the King in his sleep would never have been accurate without having been filmed in the exact country of which the play was said to take part. Had this film be shot elsewhere, it would have been like filming Harry Potter in Greenland.


Visiting Top Scottish Film Locations


Why not make your next trip to Scotland a film road trip? With luxury hotels such as the Kingsmills offering Outlander experience tours, why not check out what is in the local area of your Scottish film locations?