Twenty Years of The Hospitality Industry Trust


This blog post is going to be a brief introduction to one of the real champions of opportunity within the hospitality industry in Scotland – the Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT). We support anyone that aims to help make the hospitality industry a better place and have been lucky enough to meet some professionals who have been backed by HIT.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, HIT exists to enable talented young people to fulfil their full potential in careers in restaurants, hotels, travel enterprises and other fields within the industry. Every year, the Trust creates new opportunities through donations of bursaries and educational scholarships.


Investing in Education

Since 1994, HIT have funded over 1,200 full scholarships and provided a massive 10,200 bursaries to hospitality industry students throughout Scotland. The scholarships and awards are grants made directly to the student and don’t have to be paid back, thus significantly reducing the burden of student debt for the young people involved.

The trustees bring years of experience to bear on the task of identifying and selecting the brightest stars within the industry for assistance and rapid advancement. Selection is based on talent, raw potential and hard work rather than prior educational achievements. Consequently, HIT’s scholarships and bursaries have helped many hundreds of young people from disadvantaged families secure a career in the hospitality industry when it wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

The impact of the Trust’s investment can be life changing. We spoke to a participant of one of HIT’s entrepreneurial scholarship programmes and he reported that he learned more in one week than he had in years of books and conventional courses.



HIT holds an active schedule of fifteen regular events each year, bringing together industry professionals with investors and private donors to support their charitable work. The events include dinners created by renowned British chefs, which are held in some of the best hotels in the country. These dinners and luncheons sell out fast so grab your table in good time to avoid disappointment. Alongside fundraising dinners, an active schedule of talent finding conferences, seminars and workshops are available.

To find out more about the work of the Trust and to take part in their events and opportunities, have a look through their website.