What to Consider When Organising a Conference in Edinburgh

A business conference is one of the most useful tools in the world of commerce, and they are often responsible for many great deals between people, companies and corporations. Hosting a well organised conference, meeting or marketing event, gives you the opportunity to shine as a business and to make an authoritative impression on potential clients.


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What you need to consider

Successfully marketing your event to the right audience is a fundamental element of making it a success. However, the best marketing in the world counts for nothing unless you have the right venue. You need to know what to look for when you are planning a conference or are charged with finding the right location. Facilities are important, as well as comfort. This is critical if you are inviting delegates to travel a long distance in order to attend your event. For multiple day events where an overnight stay is required, you need to ensure your delegates are properly accommodated and entertained.

Think about how you would want to entertain an important guest who was coming to possibly do business with you. You would want them to have luxurious or at the very least, a very comfortable sleeping space. You would want to offer them the use of a gym or pool, and you would want them to have the best dining experience or catering experience while the conference was happening. The importance of providing your delegates with high-quality accommodation options after a long day at the conference cannot be over-emphasised.

Location is vital too. While you might save money hosting your conference in an out-of-the-way place, for high-powered events there is no substitute for a fully fitted city centre venue.


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Edinburgh’s Prime Conference Venue

If you are planning a conference, meeting or important event in Scotland, you should give serious thought to The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC). The EICC is one of the best places to hold conferences in the UK. Many reputations have been enhanced by the EICC’s ability to offer and consistently deliver events of an outstanding nature.

Hosting your event at the EICC also means you have good local options for plenty of places to stay, including The Dunstane, Channings Hotel, and the Parliament House Hotel, all located in the city centre. Some of these hotels offer excellent deals on multiple rooms for conference events, and all provide the very best in comfort and hotel amenities.

Booking a successful conference or marketing event in Edinburgh takes a lot of pre-planning and consideration, but working with the right venue and accommodation partners makes the process a whole lot easier.