Winter Weddings and Why They are Cool

Most people prefer a summer wedding simply because they want to guarantee that the weather will be warm, sunny and reliable. However, this is the UK, since when was the weather a trustworthy entity? Aside from the unreliable weather, there are more reasons than you’d think as to why a wedding in the winter is cooler than a summer wedding. Ok, so by cooler we were actually making a pun, but still, it could be better to hold your wedding in the winter and here’s why…



Wedding” by GU, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Everything is cheaper in the Winter

The majority of people hold their weddings in the spring or summer, so businesses raise the prices and hike up the costs of everything. This can impact the total costing of your wedding by up to 50%, believe it or not. Planning your wedding for the winter will be classed as ‘low season’ and, therefore, cheaper to rent or buy a dress, cheaper to rent a venue and certainly cheaper for all-inclusive packages. Despite Christmas being a little more expensive because of that time of year, companies will want your business and will be more likely to barter on prices, too, so shop around.

Where to Hold Your Wedding

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries and to have a wedding, no matter what time of year. Winter weddings can be even prettier with cosy fires, warm colours and possibly even some snow! Firstly, Perfect Manors Achnagairn Castle venue is breathtaking and can produce the type of wedding brides dream of.

If you want to cater for a large crowd, Mar Hall, a luxury hotel and spa resort just outside Glasgow has a variety of wedding packages and are more than used to accommodating extravagant weddings. On the east coast, Crieff Hydro is surrounded by beautiful greenery and has plenty to offer your guests during their downtime with a range of on-site activities. For something more coastal, you might consider Donald Trump’s hotel at Turnberry. With a large investment in the hotel recently, you can be rest assured that you will receive extremely professional service and support in planning your big day.